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About Scotty


Scotty Ze is on a mission to awaken, empower and free good people from the slavery of the 9-5 debt based system. 

For the past 13 years he has travelled the earth empowering the men and women of the conscious Tribes with the tools to connect, collaborate and co-create a future in harmony with all. 

Thru powerful leadership dynamics and simple Social Media strategies, Scotty has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to gather their Tribes online and create businesses and lives that they love.....

Who is MY Tribe?


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Why work with me

Plain Vanilla just doesn’t work with online business anymore! YOU need to stand out from the crowd and there’s only one way to do that: Be YOU Free!!


Authentic self branding is the new way of business. And the only way that will work in the future of Social Media. People want real! The more real… the more your Tribe, your audience, will follow you and buy from you!


My Mission

Social Media is a double edged sword. ⚔ It will either empower us to live greater, more happy lives… or it will destroy us into depression and disconnection.
I choose empowerment!! But I can’t do it alone!
On Social Media we get to follow people we like and resonate with. I can’t reach them all! So my mission is to empower leaders, like you, to shine your light online by being your best self to inspire and support your Tribe to be their best selves… and on and on the ripple of positivity goes.


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