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May 2019 – Scotty Ze

Monthly Archives: May 2019

Find purpose and change your life

Take a look at most people in the world. Majority go to work every single day with no real inspiration. Of course some people like their job, but it’s clear that in this society, only very few actually love what they do. 

With the 9 to 5 way of living, 30 days yearly holidays, life became about getting one thing done after the other in order to make a living. People are tired and bored. Work places lack inspiring leaders and one of the main reasons is because, in general, people aren’t clear on WHY they do what they do. When we don’t create meaning and purpose, it seems like life is happening at us instead of feeling like we are creating it.

Our WHY is what creates true significance. Even when we come across challenging obstacles. Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, knowing what most inspire you in this world is what will guide you in finding clarity to be able to take your next move towards what you want to do or what you are already doing.

Our why fuels our actions and inspire us to persist. People who are very clear on their WHY not only give their best in their current circumstances, but they also continually seek improvement. They don’t settle for anything less than what will lead them towards their goals. Defining our purpose is a way to stay on track and see if our actions are in alignment with what we want.

Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, said: If you don’t define your purpose you end up falling into the trap of making a living instead of designing a life. He also said that “finding WHY is a process of discovery, not invention”. It’s ok not to know straight away. It isn’t that obvious at first try. It is a process and it can be refined as you go. It’s a journey of getting to know who we are.

A lot of people who dive deep into this process often realise that their why is bigger than themselves. And that is because human beings need a sense of belonging and contributing in order to feel fulfilled. Sometimes we need to dig deep to discover the real reason behind our motivation. 

This is very much part of what I do. I’ve been introducing people to one of the best educational platforms available and I see what happens when a person redefine their purpose and start creating life on their terms. One thing we don’t lack these days is information and education. There are plenty of resources, books, workshops, podcasts and seminars. All it takes is being hungry for more. Hungry for change.

I’ve been on a journey of personal development for a very long time. And through this process, the more I found what I wanted and how to achieve it, the more it was clear that the 9 to 5 way of living is making majority of people forget their dreams and live without enthusiasm. It became part of my mission to guide people towards a better life. One of purpose and abundance. 

If you are sick of living a mediocre life and you’re truly ready to create meaning and reach for the stars… Click on the link below and download my free Affiliate Playbook. In it I map out a step by step game plan you can follow to create freedom in your life too.

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Why online businesses are taking the world by storm

The amount of digital entrepreneurs is growing at an incredible pace. Business owners from all over the world are moving online. And it’s not only business people who are moving online – an outstanding amount of professionals, corporate workers and sole traders from different walks of life are captivated by the opportunity to create an income location-free from their laptops and phones.

But why? Here are some of the reasons why online businesses are expanding so rapidly:

Ask any online entrepreneur and 99% of the times they will tell you this:  Number one reason why I’ve started is to create life on my terms.

It’s not hard to understand. Picture a beautiful morning. You go for a surf, come back home, pack your laptop and go to your favourite cafe go get some work done while sipping on your favourite superfood smoothie. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

But hey, don’t confuse freedom and flexibility for time to slack off. Serious entrepreneurs value the time they have and understand that the hard work is well worth the freedom to spend more time with the people they love and participate in activities most people miss out on because they are part of the 9 to 5 treadmill. 

Organising your schedule to suit your lifestyle is awesome, but another very good reason why people are choosing an online business is that the start-up and operating costs are, most of the time, remarkably lower.

This not only makes it possible for people with smaller budgets to get started but also allows for your investment to be much more cost effective comparing to the start up costs of an “offline” business. You will be able to eliminate expenses like rent and long-term lease obligations for example and you also won’t have to tie up your money in inventory. With lower upfront costs, you are more likely to be able to invest in marketing for example, and things that will help your business move forward faster.

The primary goal of any business is getting customers, right? What if you had unlimited growth opportunity? Starting any kind of business will always be challenging, whether it has a street address or not. But an online business has some amazing advantages. A brick-and-mortar store for example, relies on local customers and occasional tourists, while an online business is not restricted by this and can market to an unlimited audience. Once a successful marketing and advertising strategy is in place, an online business can simply open up its target and increase budget to optimise growth.

You can literally run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you sleep.

Seriously. There are no geographical limits and there are no specific hours of operation – an online business can produce income around the clock. 

The benefit of having access to the entire world from the moment you login and the ability to target specific groups of people or countries, gives a very attractive advantage to online-based businesses.

And In case you are one of those people who are a little bit scared of technology and social media: You don’t need to be an expert to succeed online. There are plenty of free information, training and support to get you where you want to be. And you can always hire affordable experts to give it an extra boom.

An online business, like any other, requires planning, strategy, investment, taking risks. Success doesn’t happen automatically and without focus and dedication.

I’ve been operating a highly profitable online business and am very passionate in teaching people to create the same opportunity for themselves. 

I’ve put together this short, yet powerful training to show you the 5 steps to a 6 figure income online. 

How to: 

  1. Tap into the global trend of online shopping, 
  2. Find a product you believe in to promote, 
  3. Put that offer in front of the right people using social media, 
  4. Automate everything using digital technology,
  5. Fast track your success by standing on the shoulders of giants

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Life is made of choices!

Picture a scenario where you are at a huge line at a music festival to order a meal for yourself and your family. Your partner and kids are pretty hungry. You stand there patiently for over one hour  and when you get to your turn, the cook shouts that they have sold out of the only thing you were interested in on the menu.

Like every situation in life, your evening could go in various ways. Obviously, if you were allergic to everything else available, you would probably feel very upset and frustrated. But otherwise, this unexpected situation would likely be as good or as bad as you chose it to be. As hard as it may sound.

And that is because life is, mostly, what we make it.

By being angry and dumping all your frustrations at the young girl at the counter, you could for example completely miss out on coming in contact with the very person who would have taken your business to the next level should they have had the chance to invite you to their campsite for dinner. Or perhaps the cook would have given you a voucher to get anything you want free of charge. Whatever. The point is, when we let our emotions take over, we blind ourselves to our surroundings.

The very moment you make a decision: How can I turn this experience into a positive one considering the circumstances? A whole new world of possibility opens up and you see life with a trusting and constructive mindset – which happens to be the kind of vibration miracles enjoy operating in, just saying.

And that is the point here: Mindset – the way we choose to look at life – is the key to achieving everything. Life is made of choices.

But please, I’m not saying here that every time something bad happens to you, some other miraculous thing will happen straight after if you just keep calm. It is alright to demonstrate emotions. What is not alright is to let your emotions dictate how you are going to deal with the obstacles you come across.

The huge line and sold out food situation was merely an illustration to say that at every moment, we have a decision to make about how we are going to move forward. People who tend to blame and complain quite often miss out on creating an environment for positive experiences to happen and for things to flow.

And this is exactly where I make my point.

Consciously choosing growth and expansion involves accepting responsibility for your life and taking the appropriate actions to improve it. It means turning the growth switch on inside you and being on a mission. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s going to be worth it. Choosing growth is not about some crazy technique or tool to make quick fixes. Self control and improvement is a way of life .It’s about opening up your mind to the not so obvious truth: life expands in proportion to our ability to believe in ourselves and to know that we are the creators of our own reality.

I have been on this journey of personal development for many years. I am constantly on the lookout for experiences that will add value to my life and to ‘who I am’. It is my passion to inspire others to believe in themselves and to develop and sustain a prosperous mindset –  particularly regarding the ability to think outside traditional ways of creating success. 

I strongly believe everybody should invest in their personal growth. Personal development education integrates all areas of life, including our relationships with other people, the way we hold our bodies and how far we think we can go. 

If life is made of choices, what have you been choosing?
Are you ready to take action right now? 

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