Life is made of choices!

Picture a scenario where you are at a huge line at a music festival to order a meal for yourself and your family. Your partner and kids are pretty hungry. You stand there patiently for over one hour  and when you get to your turn, the cook shouts that they have sold out of the only thing you were interested in on the menu.

Like every situation in life, your evening could go in various ways. Obviously, if you were allergic to everything else available, you would probably feel very upset and frustrated. But otherwise, this unexpected situation would likely be as good or as bad as you chose it to be. As hard as it may sound.

And that is because life is, mostly, what we make it.

By being angry and dumping all your frustrations at the young girl at the counter, you could for example completely miss out on coming in contact with the very person who would have taken your business to the next level should they have had the chance to invite you to their campsite for dinner. Or perhaps the cook would have given you a voucher to get anything you want free of charge. Whatever. The point is, when we let our emotions take over, we blind ourselves to our surroundings.

The very moment you make a decision: How can I turn this experience into a positive one considering the circumstances? A whole new world of possibility opens up and you see life with a trusting and constructive mindset – which happens to be the kind of vibration miracles enjoy operating in, just saying.

And that is the point here: Mindset – the way we choose to look at life – is the key to achieving everything. Life is made of choices.

But please, I’m not saying here that every time something bad happens to you, some other miraculous thing will happen straight after if you just keep calm. It is alright to demonstrate emotions. What is not alright is to let your emotions dictate how you are going to deal with the obstacles you come across.

The huge line and sold out food situation was merely an illustration to say that at every moment, we have a decision to make about how we are going to move forward. People who tend to blame and complain quite often miss out on creating an environment for positive experiences to happen and for things to flow.

And this is exactly where I make my point.

Consciously choosing growth and expansion involves accepting responsibility for your life and taking the appropriate actions to improve it. It means turning the growth switch on inside you and being on a mission. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s going to be worth it. Choosing growth is not about some crazy technique or tool to make quick fixes. Self control and improvement is a way of life .It’s about opening up your mind to the not so obvious truth: life expands in proportion to our ability to believe in ourselves and to know that we are the creators of our own reality.

I have been on this journey of personal development for many years. I am constantly on the lookout for experiences that will add value to my life and to ‘who I am’. It is my passion to inspire others to believe in themselves and to develop and sustain a prosperous mindset –  particularly regarding the ability to think outside traditional ways of creating success. 

I strongly believe everybody should invest in their personal growth. Personal development education integrates all areas of life, including our relationships with other people, the way we hold our bodies and how far we think we can go. 

If life is made of choices, what have you been choosing?
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