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Don’t we all have a dark history…
It’s a special day for me today, September 4th.  Each year, on this day, I take a moment to reflect[...]
How to reduce your biggest expense – Tax!
What do you think your biggest expense in life is? Tax!! 100% it's Tax. can reduce your Tax to[...]
You don’t need to be a celebrity to be profitable on Social Media
You don’t need to be a celebrity to be successful on Social Media. You don’t need to reach millions of people[...]
Find purpose and change your life
Take a look at most people in the world. Majority go to work every single day with no real inspiration.[...]
Why online businesses are taking the world by storm
The amount of digital entrepreneurs is growing at an incredible pace. Business owners from all over the world are moving[...]
Life is made of choices!
Picture a scenario where you are at a huge line at a music festival to order a meal for yourself[...]